Artistic Approach

If you ask Katherine Musolino about the quintessence of her painting, she will reply: “simply colors”. But it is much more than simply colors, it is a pure painting, passionate and full of energy; a classical painting – oil on canvas – but resolutely modern.

Like an archaeologist, the artist brings out the different colors out of the image’s depth, nesting and superimposing layers upon layers, removing and adding them with the brush, the spatula, or sometimes even with the sponge. When the definitive pictorial effects condense into one image, it radiates an abundant color palette made of vibrating pigments and fine structures.

Katherine Musolino’s painting is an exploration and discovery of the scenic possibilities of matter and color. And so she modules and forms shapes, compresses and scratches matter until a window opens into the picturesque dimensions and the mysterious atmospheres of her own imaginative associations.

Adapted from Eva Buhrfeind (original text in German)

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