Katherine Musolino, 2020

My journey to becoming an artist
As a child, I loved watching the sky. I guess I had to be a romantic dreamer from the very beginning. I have always enjoyed escaping reality and going into my own colorful world. Being or becoming an artist has never been a question or an option, it just happened.
How would I describe my painting process to an observer?
My process follows a natural flow, not totally created in my brain, but realized with my hands and soul. Physically, I need to have some space around me to paint in order to feel that I can breathe. During the painting process, I can go wild at times, but still, at the same time, stay very concentrated and focused.
I need to feel the power and freedom to be able to manipulate the colors on my terms.  I use a very diverse color palette, usually made of very vibrating and bold pigments.
What does my work aim to say?
My work aims to express creativity and authenticity through colors. I like the idea that colors can overpower the viewer: my paintings are all about the feelings in our existence. I want people to stop and consider them.
I don’t like giving much direction to the interpretation of my work because I don’t want to change the viewer’s perspective. It is important that they trust their own insights and find their own stories as viewers of the painting. My only intrusion is the title.

Some of my influences
I have been influenced by many artists, in particular  Matisse, Van Gogh and Gauguin, for their exceptional use of colors.
To this day, I enjoy Rothko for his spiritual nature, Kandinsky for his compositions and of course Richter for his technique. I am also deeply in love with the work of Sonia Delaunay, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Still.
My inspiration
Nature gives me such good energy which in turn drives my inspiration: the air I breathe, the light I see, the water I feel, the emotions that stream through my body.  Of course, I am very sensitive to colors. I first see the pigment, then the shape or the utility of the object. I can sometimes even buy objects which are completely useless but have a remarkable color in my eye.